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"Monday Presentations": Alexandra Campbell & Alberto Franceschini

Warmly welcome to eight informal gatherings around artistic practice hosted by New Performative Practice (NPP) MA graduates at DOCH. The presentations are held in english.

Alberto Franceschini: The body of work

2 years in 60 minutes

In this lecture-exhibition, I would like to invite the public on a journey through the salient steps of my 2-year research within the frame of the Master Degree in New Performative Practices at DOCH/ Uniarts.  My aim is to expose the strategies I adopted to face the challenges posed by a first person research approach, such as the questions around the sustainability of a practice, the problem of finding perspective in order to observe the practice and the relation to the personal and private spheres of the researcher.

Attention will also be given to showing how different kinds of encounters have shaped the development of my artistic process and in how concepts such as transformation and extraction have helped me in handling the outcome of my practice and its by-products.

The meeting point is at the Café of DOCH, Brinellvägen 58 at 19:30. The encounter will continue in one of the studios.

Alberto is an artist working in the field of dance with a particular interest in participatory and site-specific work.

Alexandra Campbell: A series of actions

Performing the movement
Performing the practice of movement
Series unfold in series
The practice becomes the performance
Performing the performance
Performed actions repeated and rehearsed, again and again
Alongside, together in motion
Performed actions that we train for and rehearse
Actions are performing
Performing who we are and who we want to become
Actions that make the work of art be what matters
What matters is the art of initiative 

 Alexandra Campbell comes from the field of dance.

"Monday Presentations" på DOCH

MA graduates from NPP welcomes you to eight open presentations and informal gatherings around artistic practice at DOCH.

Free of charge. The presentations are held in english.

"Monday Presentations" autumn 2017

  • 25 September at 6-7.30 pm: Jelena Rundqvist: Move
  • 16 October at 6-9 pm: Marianne Skjeldal and Julia Adzuki
  • 23 October at 6-9: Alexandra Campbell and Alberto Franceschini
  • 13 November at 7.30-9 pm: Orfee Schjuit
  • 20 November at 6-9 pm: Ossi Niskala and Molly Saudek
  • 27 November at 6-7.30 pm: Mikko Niemstö
  • 3 December at 6-7.30 pm: Quim Bigas Bassart
  • 11 December at 6-7.30 pm: Abagail Evans