DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

My Own Bodies - Shaking the Circus

In "My Own Bodies – Shaking the Circus" DOCHs circus students shake the ground in a performance that mixes circus, dance and performance art in a joint trembling experience. The performance is based on a concept by Tove Sahlin who is also directing the show.

Shake is the smallest common denominator for all bodies – old, new born, ill, strong, safe and scared. People describe traumatic events in their lives as being shaky. We all shake in moments of fever, strong emotions and sexual pleasure. One can also shake it on the dance floor, shake off uncomfortable experiences and shake up a room with one’s presence.

In her solo piece My Own Bodies, which was presented at DOCH earlier this fall, Tove shakes persistently for 45 minutes transforming her body in several stages and conditions. In Shaking the Circus, she takes the concept to the students of the Bachelor Programme in Circus in an intent to shake the performers and the virtuosity of the circus art! The audience will also be subject to a physical sensation of shake, not only through the performers, but also by means of sound, light and space.

My Own Bodies – Shaking the Circus is a performance and an experiment where DOCH's circus students explore how their shaking bodies can shake the circus!

Choreographer and workshop concept:
Tove Sahlin

Rebecca Neumann

Set design, light and costume:
Josefin Hinder

Artistic sound technician:
Hella Collett

Participating students: 
Aino Savolainen, Aleksi Niittyvuopio, Andreas De Ryck, Arttu Lahtinen, Ben Collis, Carlotta Risitano, Damian Santibanez, Dea Lundström, Elisabeth Künkele, Felix Greif, Hampus Wallin, Jakobe Geens Jarno Polhuijs, Jean-Hicham Rahmoun, Kert Ridaste, Kipat Kahumbu, Leila Maillard, Philomene Perrenoud, Richard Sullivan, Saana Leppänen, Saska Särkilahti

About the director Tove Sahlin
Tove Sahlin is a performance maker and doer based in Stockholm and working in the field of dance and theatre both nationally and internationally. She works as a director, choreographer and performer in both commissioned works and within her own independent company Shake it Collaborations. Lately she has been working as a director at Malmö Stadsteater, a choreographer at Backa Teatern and Folkoperan, and a performer at Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart. Her last piece was called S.A.D. and premiered at Turteatern in September. 2015 she created Miss U with her whole family on stage. Her solo piece My Own Bodies was created 2013 and has since then been on tour to Beijing, Örebro, Viljandi, North Hampton and San Francisco.

In collaboration with Shake it Collaborations.

With the support from:
The City of Stockholm
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
The Swedish Arts Council