DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

My Own Bodies at DOCH

26 September Shake it Collaborations presents the dance solo My Own Bodies, by and with Tove Sahlin.

My Own Bodies is all about shaking and getting shaken up. Together with an artistic team Tove has explored shaking as a movement, emotions and linguistic metaphor. The performance underscores issues about adaptation, empathy and commitment. Shake is the smallest common denominator for all bodies – old, new born, ill, strong, safe and scared. People describe traumatic events in their lives as shaky. We all shake in moments of fever, strong emotions and sexual pleasure. One can also shake it on the dance floor, shake off uncomfortable experiences and shake up a room with ones presence.

In the solo piece, Tove shakes persistently for 45 minutes and her body is transformed in several stages and conditions. The audience is subject to a physical sensation of shake, not only through the performer, but also by means of sound, light and space.

My Own Bodies premiered in 2013 at Dansens hus in Stockholm and has been created in close collaboration with:
Dramaturge: Josefine Larson Olin Composer
Composer: Rebecca Neumann
Visual design: Josefin Hinders
Costume: Tommie X
Photo: Patriez van der Wens

With the support from: the Swedish Arts council, the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in collaboration with DOCH. My Own Bodies has been shown in in cities around the world such as Örebro, Göteborg, NorthAmpton, MA/ USA, Peking, Ponderosa Tanzland and Viljandi in Estland. During 2016-2017 My Own Bodies is a part of the project Kroppsfunktion discussing which bodies can work with performing art (

During the fall Tove will work with the second year students at the Bachelor Programme of Circus with the workshop concept My Own Bodies – All stars. The students will then take over the solo and in this process My Own Bodies will be transformed into a group piece that will be performed at DOCH in the beginning of December.