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An experimental circus for the future. 30 August - 6 September at Dome of Visions.

ECO-CIRCUS adresses the idea of a sustainable future and is inspired by the questions about the effects of human behaviours on the earth. Together with teachers and artists Ivar Heckscher and Marie-Andree Robitaille, the circus students at DOCH will explore concepts of resilient thinking though a series of lectures, exploration, creation and performing phases.

ECO-CIRCUS takes place at » Dome of Visions on Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm.


Tuesday 30 August

13.00 - 14.30 Hans Von Essen
Lecture: Human behavior and attitdes versus the health/unhealth of the Baltic

Wednesday 31 August

13.00 - 14.30 Bengt Ahlin
Lecture: Light, color and Vision

Monday 5 September

18.00 - 19.00 Erik Åberg and Jay Gilligan
Lecture/Performance: The evolution of concepts (juggling) follow by a discussion

Tuesday 6 September

16.30 - 18.00 Circus Students performance


Marie-Andree Robitaille Head of the Bachelor Programme in Circus at DOCH and Senior Lecturer in Circus

Ivar Heckscher Teacher and artistic councellor at DOCH, Senior Lecturer in Circus


Hans Von Essen
Lecture: Human behavior and attitdes versus the health/unhealth of the Baltic.

Bengt Ahlin
Lecture: Light, colour and vision

Erik Aberg and Jay Gilligan
Lecture/performances: The evolution of concepts

DJ Composer

Miro Manterre

Performing circus students

Aino Savolainen, Aleksi Niittyvuopio, Andreas De Ryck, Arttu Lahtinen, Ben Collis, Carlotta Risitano Damian Santibanez, Dea Lundström, Elisabeth Künkele, Felix Greif, Hampus Wallin, Jakobe Geens Jarno Polhuijs, Jean-Hicham Rahmoun, Kert Ridaste, Kipat Kahumbu, Leila Maillard, Philomene Perrenoud, Richard Sullivan, Saana Leppänen and Saska Särkilahti

ECO-CIRCUS is a collaboration between the Bachelor Programme in Circus at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts and Dome of Visions. The project is part of a series of circus experiments in relation to CirkusPerspektiv Global Goals Chapter.

Dome of Visions
Future sustainable society requires new thinking, new partnerships and innovations. Dome of Vision is a visionary and inspirational venue that invites to conversations around a sustainable future. Here, bold ideas exchanged, exciting discussions conducted and new proposals appear.
» Dome of Visions

CirkusPerspektiv Sweden
CirkusPerspektiv is a circus production company founded in 2011. CirkusPerspektiv art works aim to explore the frontiers between circus practice and research, art and science.