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Movement Material

- I will use this occasion to address an issue that is currently present in my artistic work. I have previously engaged in the material aspect of the body (and still do) but my inquieries have now led me to wonder about the of the material status of movement. Where does movement reside when it is not materialised, or where is the dance when it is not danced? Stored as a memory? A potentiality? Or static energy waiting to become kinetic?
Rasmus Ölme

About Rasmus Ölme

After a career as a dancer Rasmus Ölme founded his group REFUG in Sweden, in 2001. He produced and toured his work until 2008 as he started his PhD in choreography at DOCH/Uniarts. In 2014 he succesfully defended his thesis From Model to Module. Since January 2015 he is the head of the Dance and Choreography education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.