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Performativity reported from the field

Performativity reported from the field: A few hypothesis and reflections about the performative agency of the performer amongst other (constellations of) things

Based on her embodied experience as a performer, dramaturge and choreographer, Manon Santkin proposes a reflection on performativity by looking into the performative agency of the performer, acting amongst a larger constellation of other performative entities. She will unfold various notions and tools collected and crafted while performing such as how to triangulate the relation between the performer and the audience, composing micro-choreographies of attention, projecting different shades of the fourth wall, considering the performance space-time as a milieu, questioning the scales and path of our attention.

About Manon Santkin

Manon Santkin (1982) is a free-lance artist. She works between Brussels and Stockholm.Within the field of the Performing Arts, she operates as a dancer, choreographer, artistic advisor, process assistant and writer. She graduated from P.a.r.t.s. in 2004 and recently finished the Master Programme in New Performative Practices at DOCH. She has been collaborating with choreographers such as Mette Ingvartsen, Salva Sanchis, Xavier Leroy, Sidney Leoni, Eleanor Bauer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Daniel Linehan and Leslie Mannès. She also develops projects with sound artist Peter Lenaerts and with designer Nicolas Couturier.

Manon regularly takes part in the processes of other artists as a mentor, advisor or dramaturge and sees her role as an interpreter morphing into that of a facilitator of collaborative processes. In her current works Manon revisits the notion of ‘interpretation’ in terms of an ecology of practices and intelligences, self-organization and interactive agencies.