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Demonology: controversy in solo art, and how to stay entertaining

- Through an examination of the artist’s career and significant worsk, we’re given access through the looking glass to what it is to be a ‘controversial’ artist, and why this is a label that is misleading. The guest talk focusses particularly on how language is not something to be afraid of, and how words can seduce an audience into a willing trance.
Kate Pendry

About Kate Pendry

Since 1995 Pendry has produced over fifty pieces for the theatre, many of which have been performed interantionally. She has a reputation as a political and controversial artist because of the red thread of social commentary in the work, and her signature use of dark humor. She is regarded as one of Norway’s most important independent stage artists.

She was a presenter at feminist radio station Radio Orakel in Oslo for 12 years, and is currently an associate playwright at the Norwegian Centre For New Playwriting Oslo.

She has a political spoken word performance residency at the Aktivist Kafe in Oslo, and performs new material each month.

Kate  is a recipent of the Ibsen Prize for playwriting. A biography of her life and work, Demonologi, is to be published in in December by Transit Forlag.