Informationsbild för festivalen Departure
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


During an intense festival week we are invited to sixteen brand new performances by the students of Mime acting and Acting.

In sixteen plays Departure allows us to share the innermost and outermost thoughts and visions of the students attending their last year at SADA.

Participating students

Mime acting year 3

Adam Stålhammar  
Alica Tserkovnaja  
Jonna Ljunggren  
Li Molnar Kronlid  
Matilda Dahl  
Hanna Ollikainen  
Isabelle Bostrom  
Jakob Olausson

Acting year 3

Agnes Lindstrom Bolmgren  
Anders Jacob  
Anna Ladegaard  
Christopher Lehmann  
Emmi Henriksson  
Frida Österberg  
Joel Ödmann  
Lola Zackow  
Maria Zakrisson Mortensson  
Mattias Malmros


Download the complete Departure program here.