DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

NPP Graduate Presentations

Tove Salmgren and Moa Franzén give insight in their research studies at the Master Programme in New Performative Practices.

Tove Salmgren

(See photo above.) I will go through the main lines in my master project that I call "Objects and Speech", which is a work that could enter many different formats such as a performance, a structure for making performances, a ritual for explicit sharing of one's artistic practices, a score to make self-portraits, a self reflective workshop and probably it could take other shapes well.

The work centers around "performance" specificity, and proposes structures to imagine and try it's materiality; the concretely material and the ephemeral ("non-material"), and potential relations and transformations within and between those concepts. I will both talk about the work and do a shorter version of the score.

Moa Franzén


My work during the NPP programme placed silence - the unsaid - as a discursive and performative act in the center of attention.

Using silence as a tool in order to investigate the hegemony of speech and how speech acts - usually seen as a liberatory practice - are complex in that they are often intertwined with hegemonic discourse, my work aims at direction attention to the performance of silence - what we do not say - and how it acts within the situation of the performance in relation to power, resistance, agreement and authorship.

The presentation will take the form of a performance and a conversation.