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Pavle Heidler och Leire Mesa give insight in their research studies at the Master Programme in New Performative Practices.

Pavle Heidler

The Moon Practice draws on the concept of performativity, and expands the question of performance from the realm of theatricality, into the realm of its socio-historical establishment. It engages with merging the definition of meaningful or performed body with the definition of a gendered body, eventually asking of the performer and spectator to exercise their ability to empathise with any proposed physicalised form of signification. This practice aims at transforming the theatre into a social space in which a conversation with potential for reflective exchange takes place.

The Moon Practice proposes an altered definition of creativity, one that is not concerned with invention, but reaction. Creativity is so defined as re-activity to the world around. The Practices propose an order of things in which there is no assumed hierarchy of value; there is only attention to detail.

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Leire Mesa


Twisting the Balance is a performative experience that document, from the spectacular view of the circus, the encounter in Stockholm of a trapezist and a collective of women from diverse origins, skills, genders and realities.
Together they reflect about the concepts of power and resistance in relation with the bodies produced by society.
The trapeze is redefine in Twisting the Balance as a public, political and promiscuous space where anyone can exercise their voice.
In this circus element the word takes flight, with the same risk and danger that the circus bodies are exposed.
In the process we have understood that the trapeze makes us to be present, taking risks, but also hear and feel, facilitate the dialogue, build relationships and create community.
The trapeze as the art of not having the feet on the ground, make us to think and roar.

Leire Mesa presented in May 2015 her thesis Twisting the Balance as itinerary work, research and methodology, within the Masterprogramme New Performative Practice at DOCH.

Twisting the Balance covers and gives name to a larger project. It proposed to travel to various social, political, artistic and cultural contexts to build from
the site specific, performing-circus experiences that help to build community.

For the staging in the Orionteatern of Stockholm, Twisting de Balance, the first piece that also have the same name of the project, and for No tenemos título supported by Fira Tárrega, Leire Mesa invited to collaborate to the dramaturgist and director Rolando San Martin. Currently they continue building for a new experience, FUTURO ANIMAL; supported by the Antic Teatre and La Central de Circ.

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