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NPP Graduate Presentations

Klara Elenius, Linda Adami and Aedín Walsh give insight in their research studies at the Master Programme in New Performative Practices.

Klara Elenius

(See photo above) Amplifying is an observational practice that applies a performative gaze on a public space. The practice has developed through one year of observations at Sergels torg, Stockholm.

By using a performative gaze as an act of experiencing and perceiving I want to intensify situations of the everyday while standing in its midst. Not to produce an objective truth about civilization, but to actively reflect upon, co-create and disrupt aspects of the surrounding social structures, acknowledging this western, Swedish, Stockholm society.

With the Amplifying practice I am investigating the use of the gaze, the gaze as a tool, the power of the gaze. This gaze is not only about watching but about using all senses. Even though the eyes might function as the main instrument the gaze includes also hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Recontextualizing and reflecting are also implied as part of the sensorial process.

How does my use of the performative gaze affect my view of the space, the people in it and myself? What can a sensory reading of a public space generate?

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Linda Adami

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Aedín Walsh

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