Open seminar during the PhD course with guest speaker Olav Westphalen.

The first part of this presentation is an artist's personal, fragmentary and probably  biased account of one especially consequential concept, the blurring of art and life, and the minor branch of art history it ushered in. It's not an art history lecture, nor a theory talk, but a discussion of "applied" ideas, as I use them in my own practice. Special attention will be given to Allan Kaprow's significance for this sub-current of modern art.

The second part of the presentation will be a brief artist's talk, within which I will present a handful of my own recent works which all,  in one way or another, take up positions in relation to this historical thread.

No prebooking. Welcome!

About Olav Westphalen

Olav Westphalen is a German-American artist living in Stockholm. His conceptually motivated works take the form of games, experiments, drawings and cartoons. He engages both sides of the HI-LO divide, producing mass-media cartoons and comedy while working as a contemporary artist, who has been showed in museums and galleries, such as The Whitney Museum, ICA London, The Swiss Institute NY, Moderna Museet etc. He is one part of Rattelschneck, a two-person team of cartoonists based in Berlin. Rattelschneck has authored numerous books and print publications and contributed to a range of TV-productions over the past two decades. Westphalen is also a Professor at KKH, the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.