"In 1647 someone said..." with Jan Mot

The prominent gallerist Jan Mot speaks about the history of his gallery, how it began, how it developed and the collaborations with the artists.

This lecture intends to analyse the links that Philippe Thomas maintains with the players of art world, which are the basis of his artistic practice. This practice is emblematic of the movement initiated by Post-structuralism and Post-modernism in the late 1960s, for which the work of art is open to possibilities of meaning and the result of the viewer’s interpretation rather than a pure product of an author. By using literary references, Philippe Thomas builds his work like a narrative since 1981. By appealing to collectors, to whom he delegates the authorial authority of his readymades through an exchange of signatures, it drives the narrative from the side of fiction – the fiction, by definition, requires the viewer’s participation to operate. Through the mechanisms of his artistic practice, we will analyse the role of different actors involved in the art of Philippe Thomas and the consequences of their intervention in the definition of his work.