Screening: FilmMediaEx20

Welcome to the first public screenings of short films and work in progress by degree students from the Film and Media programmes Documentary processes (MA), The Art of Impact (MA) and Documentary film (BA) spring 2020.

For two evenings, 1-2 October, students in film and media show their degree productions on a big screen in Bio Victor Filmhuset. The works will be screened in four blocks and you choose which one you want to book for.

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and the number of public places is limited to 50 people.

Please book your seats and do not forget to cancel if necessary. Free admission. 

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Degree students

Documentary processes Master

Documentary film Bachelor

The Art of Impact Master


Block 1: Thursday 1 October at 17:00-19:25

  • Racing heart - work in progress - by Milla Bergh, Documentary film
  • Note Bene - work in progress - by Jeroen Pool, Documentary processes
  • Falling Grief - work in progress - by Wing Jackel Chow, The Art of Impact       ​

Block 2: Thursday 1 October at 19:50-21:25

  • Johan's Room by Franco Veloz, The Art of Impact   
  • Hemmavid - preview screening - by Rebecka Ekholm, Documentary processes  
  • My old man - excerpt from work in progress - by Steven Vit, Documentary processes        
  • Rise - preview screening - by Maria Walczuk, Documentary processes

Block 3: Friday 2 October at 17:00-18:40

  • Johan's Room by Franco Veloz, The Art of Impact   
  • Hemmavid - preview screening - by Rebecka Ekholm, Documentary processes
  • My old man - excerpt - by Steven Vit, Documentary processes       
  • Rise - preview screening - by Maria Walczuk, Documentary processes 

Block 4: Friday 2 October at 19:00-21:15                       

  • Racing heart - work in progress - by Milla Bergh, Documentary film
  • Note Bene - work in progress -by Jeroen Pool, Documentary processes
  • Falling Grief - work in progress - by Wing Jackel Chow, The Art of Impact       

Degree projects

FallingGrief_1100x620.pngFalling Grief, by Wing Jackel Chow 

Feeling guilty after her lover’s death, Emelie tries to overcome her grief on a journey in Stockholm with her late partner’s autistic brother Nils.

Writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor: Jackel Chow
Cinematographer and colourist: Harshad V. Gaikwad
Composer: Diego Alejandro Osorio
Production Designer: J Li
VFX  Francis Lee
Sound Designer: Dávid V Bodnár
Emily                  Filippa Mörner
Jackie                 Johanna Ovelius
Neil                     Linus Troedsson
Archer                Lancelot Ncube

Racing Hearts_still1_550x560px.jpgRacing Hearts, by Milla Bergh 

Ewy Rosqvist and Ursula Wirth drive in Argentinas' Gran Premio in 1962, and surprise the whole world by winning. A film about two female pioneers breaking into a mans' world, and an exploration of time lost, of memories, of death.

Milla Bergh, manus, regi, klipp
Martin Bergh, producent
Fotograf i Argentina: Sergio C Ayala
Linjeproducent i Argentina: Sol Miraglia
Skådespelare “Ewy”: Sofia Brattwall
Musik: Cicely Irvine
Arkivfilmer från Ursula Wirth, ACA, SVT

Nota_Bene_Jeroen_Pool_550x560.jpgNota Bene, by Jeroen Pool 

Genoa, Italy. The Genovese bury their dead at the vast, monumental cemetery of Staglieno, tucked away in the hills just outside the city. Here, hundreds of neo-realistic sculptures stand guard over tombs alongside hundreds of thousands of graves. But alongside Staglieno's graves, through the cemetery's arcades, galleries and hilly surroundings, all kinds of people wander. Indeed, for a place that's all about death, Staglieno is curiously alive.

Director: Jeroen Pool
DP: Karolina Pajak FSF
Editors: Mervi Junkkonen & Jeroen Pool
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda / Ginestra Film

550x560 Hemmavid_03.jpgHemmavid, by Rebecka Ekholm

Hemmavid is a short documentary poem about three women in a small village called Vormsele, in the far north of Sweden. We meet Isabelle who moved back home after a personal trauma, Rut who has lived there for 80-something-years, and Katharina - a German woman - who drove through the village 8 years ago with her husband and has stayed there since.

It's a site-specific experimental film on the topic of looking for a home and finding it. It is investigating ways of portraying a quiet, secret place without making the northern quietness the kink.

Rebecka Ekholm: "Hemmavid" Preview Screening 12min

Director: Rebecka Ekholm
DP: Karin Stenwall
Editor: Matilda Lind
Sound technician: Johannes Oscarsson
Camera assistant: Isak Lundberg
Production assistant: Egill Landvall
Sound design: Nora Øland
Graphics: Angelica Ruffier-Holmqvist
Producer: Claes Hedlund

550x560_MyOldMan01.jpgMy old man, by Steven Vit 

My Old Man deals with Rudy’s transition process from work life into retirement. The story is told from the perspective of his son Steven. In his master's thesis at Uniarts, Steven focused on developing the voice-over for this feature-length documentary film.

This 45 min assembly cut stems from one of the film’s chapters and was developed as part of the process in defining themes, tonality and style.

Directing, camera, edit by Steven Vit.

550x560_RISE.jpgRise, by Maria Walczuk 

This short film explores how we can transform our pain into healing. Vulnerability is universal in that we all experience tragedy and circumstances that we cannot control in life. We follow three characters as we come to understand their own relationship to resilience and just how everyday is another opportunity to rise.

Maria Karin Walczuk: "Rise," 20min Preview Screening

Director: Maria Karin Walczuk
DP: Steven Vit
A Lumynis & Michael Emami Production

JOHANS_RUM.jpgJohan's room, by Franco Veloz 

Johan draws on paper sheets on his desk in his small apartment. Memories from the past, from Beckomberga mental hospital, stalk him. Frustrated, he throws away his drawings one after another. As night comes, he surrenders to sleep and the attempts of art that he discarded come to life, taking over the night and his room.

Directed by: Franco Veloz
Johan: Ruben Lenninger
Production: Franco Veloz and Sergio C. Ayala
DOP: Sergio C. Ayala
Camera assistant: Federico Tonozzi
Animations: Emanu Garnheim
Set design: Abood Belwan
Sound: André Córdova Rudsted
Sound design - Music: Gianni Wasserman
Editing: Franco Veloz