Mareike Dobewalls 80% seminar “Music of Space(s)”

Mareike Nele Dobewall is a PhD candidate in Opera at Stockholm University of the Arts since 2017. 25 September it's time for her 80% seminar.

Follow the seminar here: Link to Mareike Dobewalls 80% seminar “Music of Space(s)”

In her artistic research Mareike Dobewall explores how spatial musical composition can be created with caring attention among the performers and for the audience, and as a lively collaboration with site.

In her 80% seminar she will share her research into site-specific and site-determined music performance creation. She will introduce her most recent practice of having “Spaces as her Voice Teachers”. Herein she illustrates the affects a full body attention towards our inner space and to what surrounds us, can contribute to an analogue musical artistic practice.

In addition she will unfold the endless possibilities of the music of the universe through her current project “Musica Mundana”. For this project Mareike Dobewall has been in dialogue with Astrophysicists and transferred the musical system within the sounds of stars that is revealed in Asteroseismology to planets and moons. This method shall in the future lead to the creation of an immersive musical live performance that exposes the essential relationship of us earthlings with the universe that we are a part of.

The seminar is best experienced with headphones.

Wilhelm Carlsson

Ellen Lindquist is Associate Professor at NTNU Department of Music: Music composition and Musicology (Trondheim, Norge)

1st Supervisor: 
Wilhelm Carlsson

2nd Supervisor:
Trond Lossius

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