Josephine Rydberg

Josephine Rydberg's 30% seminar

Welcome to Josephine Rydberg's 30% seminar “Hacks and Hiccups in Making a VR-LARP” 6 November. Josephine is a PhD candidate in Film and media.

Josephine examines, in Hacks and Hiccups in Making a VR-LARP, an exploration in the consequences of shifting modalities from analogue to virtual when adapting a free form short LARP into a VR-experience, on the three positions involved: designer, game master and participant. She will present the process of making and performing a VR-LARP.

The seminar will be streamed online. Register to latest by 5 November for zoom-link and instructions.


Josephine Rydberg, PhD Candidate
Jon Back, Opponent
Eli Bø, Supervisor

Read about Josephine's PhD project Dramaturgy for Participatory Practises