Johannes Maria Schmit's 30% seminar

Johannes Maria Schmit's 30% seminar ”Further troubling the ethical waters…” will be held online on the 11 September. Johannes is a PhD candidate in Performing Arts.

Johannes Maria Schmit about the phd project and the 30% seminar

In my project I am investigating the current and possible future logics of actor-director relations within the performing arts. I´m trying to find out, very basically, what models of consent are within this relation, circling around the conceptualization of “transgression” as either “liberating“ or “intrusive“. In that context, I´m also trying to articulate my own aesthetical bias rooted in 20th century forms of theatre, in which the relational aspects are not by default led by values of democratization; bringing my own professional background to the foreground, I´m hoping to invite for discussions of the tensions between quality and equality, singular and collective authorship.

30% seminar

In the seminar I will be presenting both my first practical study as well as parts of the theoretical framework of the project as a whole. I´m laying out a method (that I want to develop further), in which rehearsals are created as a fiction in a collaborative effort of both actor and director. Its medial format springs very much from the conditions of the pandemic, where my collaborator, the actress Sarah Sandeh, and I had to stay in our homes instead of meeting, as planned, in the rehearsal space in Stockholm. However, this transposition into the sphere of the phantasmatic has actually added a lot of layers for analysis, that I´m hoping to unpack within the seminar.

Opponent: Victoria Meirik
Principal Supervisor: Jon Refsdal Moe  
External Supervisor: Juliette Mapp
Collaborator on the practical study​:Sarah Sandeh

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Johannes Maria Schmit's phd project: Situating the director in a theatre of the future  

Photo: Hans Peter Zimmer