Article and research databases

Articles, e-books, manuscripts and research. Please scroll further down to find research databases such as DiVA .

DramaOnline Core Collection  over 1775 playtexts of plays by the world's leading dramatists.
ERIC the world's largest free database in education and pedagogy
Film & Television Literature Index  database with articles about film and television
Google Scholar Google's search engine that searches information in scientific and academic web sources.
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance database with articles about dance and theatre
JSTOR database with articles in arts and humanities
Nick Hern Books Modern Plays contains over 625 plays from many of Britain's and Ireland's leading playwrights
Oxford Music Online includes Grove Music online and have over 52 000 articles written by scholars​
Perfomance design Archive Collection  Database for scenography, costume and design
Performing Arts Periodicals Database articles about performing arts
Project Muse peer-reviewed articles and books in the field of humanities and social science

Research databases
CARP - Circus Arts Research Platform 
ett samarbete mellan forskare och forskningsinstitut inom cirkusfältet
DIVA uppsatser, avhandlingar och andra publikationer från ca 49 svenska universitet och högskolor
GUPEA Göteborgs universitets publikationer
LUCRIS Lunds universitets forskningsportal
SwePub samtliga svenska forskningspublikationer
Research Catalogue internationell databas för konstnärlig forskning