About the Library

The library of the School of Dance and Circus

The subject-collections of the library are choreography, circus, dance, dance pedagogics, philosophy as well as research in the arts. Besides books and journals there are also collections of CDs and DVDs.
The library also provides a number of computors giving access to a substanial amount of databases with full text articles in the fields of circus, dance, education, film, opera, radio, theater,TV as well as other subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Book the librarian

In connection with thesis writing and similar assignments, you may book a maximum of 60 minutes at each occasion for individual guiding in the art of searching for information and evaluating information.

Get in touch with the librarian for an appointment; asa.teglund@uniarts.se

The media of the library can be found in LIBRIS  which is a database for all the media found in Swedish libraries that serve institutions of higher education, among others. LIBRIS contains more than 7 million titles.

If you want to search exclusively among the media of the DOCH-library, please write
”dah” (without ” ”)  in the field for library code.

The library has 1250 CDs. It is possible to check out the CDs for students and staff. The general public, on the contrary, is expected to listen to the music in the library.

It is possible to search for album titles, music genres, composers etc by means of LIBRIS: Use the library code
”dah” (without ”…” )  in the field for library code and combine it with ”music” under ”Material type/s” in order to find a specific CDs in the DOCH-library’s collections.

VHS and DVDs
The DOCH-library has some 200 VHS’ and DVDs. Most of them are educational about some aspect of dance, choreography or circus.  Some of them can only be studied in the library, others may be checked out by staff and students at Stockholm University of the Arts.

You can search for the VHS’ and DVDs in LIBRIS. Use the library code ”dah” (without ” ”) in the field for ”library code” and combine with ”Moving Images” under the menu for ”Material type/s”

The DOCH-library has theses written by former DOCH-students on Bachelor’s level as well as on one- and two years Master’s level.
A few of these theses are found in DiVA, but the major part of them are listed in PDF-files published on this web-page. The PDF-files cover different subjects:

Links to books in a few selected subjects

Dance History
Dance Therapy
Study and teaching of ballet
Modern Dance

Link to index to journals in the DOCH-library

Link to index to VHS and DVDs in the DOCH-library

The Library of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art

The library for moving images, radio, TV and theater

The library of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art is the result of a merger in 2011 of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art, 1970-2011 (the school at that time had the same name in English as the now existing school)  and the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre, 1985-2011. From a historical point of view, it means that the library has roots that dates back as far as to the Royal Dramatic Theatre that was founded in 1788.

With SKH Play you can check out what the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art has been up to over the last years.

The majority of the books are about film, radio, TV, theater, mime, scenography, mask, directing, costume, as well as acting. There are also smaller collections with publications about philosophy, rethorics, pedagogics, fashion, art as well as drama and fiction. Thus, the collections support  the study and teaching of the school’s courses and programs as well as the examination of the applications of the artistic aspects of these subjects.

A substantial amount of scripts for movies and plays as well as movies and TV-series may be studied in the library.

The collection mainly consists of non-fiction in the Humanities with special emphasis on the core subject of the school, but also of fiction and drama. Adjacent premices hold a collection of scripts for films and theater. A minor collection of films on VHS and DVD can be studied in the library’s premises.

Journal subscriptions

American Cinematographer
Opsis kalopsis
Scen &film : Teaterförbundets tidning
Sound on Sound
Teater forum
Theater Heute
Tidningen Vi
Tidskrft för genusvetenskap

Play- and movie scripts


Publishing companies for play scripts:

Nordiska ApS (Copenhagen)
Draken Teaterförlag
Arvid Englind
Folmer Hansen
Drama Direkt

 Movies, documentaries and TV-series that can be watched on the premises of the school

Movies, documentaries and TV-series on DVD and VHS

The library of the University College of Opera

The library of the University College of Opera constitues a part of the Stockholm University of the Arts. Here, you can find music scores, piano excerpts for operas and musicals, collections of romances and other songs. Among the books, you will find literature about the human voice, operasingers, Music Theory and Music History.

By using Libris, you can get an idea about what is to befound in the library.

All Swedish citizens are welcome to use the library, although it is basically intended for the needs of the students and staff at the University College of Opera. The teachers also have a special collection of songs and piano extracts for operas for daily use in their teaching.

Checking out media
When you find something you wish to lend, please fill in  Låneformuläret. The period of lending is 30 days. When returning media, please put it on the book trolley in the library. The librarian will cancel the loan from the library system.

As a student and teacher at the University College of Opera, you have access to a number of databases.  Try, for instance, Naxos Music Library , which contains more than 110 000 album and constantly grows. The selection embraces classical music, jazz, folk- and world music.

It is possible to listen via computer, iPhone or Android mobile telephones. If you want remote access to the databases, in order to reach them from other locations than the schools premises, please get in touch with the librarians. They will provide you with passwords.

Requests for new books and inter-library loans
You are welcome
to submit purchase suggestions for musical scores or books that the library doesn’t have in its collection. We also assist with loans from other libraries, which is known as inter-library loan.

DVDs with Opera- and musicals to be studied at the premises of the school

Operas- och musicals on DVD