Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Creative cross-pollination

Within the fields of film, media, theatre and other performing arts, we want to build a thriving environment for learning that stimulates students, teachers and researchers to interact with each other and cross the boundaries of each other’s art forms.

By offering all of these study programmes under one roof, we want to establish a climate that nurtures creative cross-pollination.

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We are Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA) provides education and conducts research in the fields of film, radio, television, theatre and other performing arts. 

We want to stimulate students, teachers and researchers to interact with each other and cross the boundaries of each other’s art forms. During their studies, students are given natural opportunities to build their networks and be able to create exciting collaborations of benefit to their future opportunities in working life.

The number of students varies between about 250 and 300 per year.

Number of study programmes: 22 Bachelor’s programmes, a number of courses, and one-year and two-year Master’s programmes.
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The number of applicants varies from 1 to 118 applicants per place. By “place” we mean both places on study programmes and on courses.

The number of teachers at SADA amounts to about 120.

Photo: Anders Bohman


Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts has three departments. Each is led by a head of department, who is also the manager of the teachers connected with the department. The study programmes offered are designed by the departments themselves.

  • The Department of Film and Media educates students who wish to pursue careers in documentary films, fiction films, radio and television, such as animators, documentary filmmakers, cinematographers (directors of photography), film editors, film audio engineers, screenwriters, film producers, film directors, production designers, and radio and television producers.
  • The Department of Performing Arts educates students who wish to pursue careers involving work “around and behind the scenes” in the fields of theatre, dance, performance and other dramatic arts, such as dramatists/playwrights, dramaturgists, costume designers, sound and lighting designers, make-up and wig designers, set designers, production managers for the performing arts, theatre directors and theatre technicians.
  • The Department of Acting educates students who wish to pursue careers that often involve working with both stage and media production, such as actors and mime actors. In this department we have also taught the Acting Programme in Swedish Sign Language.
Photo: Per Bolkert
Outside our entrance to the D-building. Photo: Björn Nilsson

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA) is located in two buildings, D-building and T-building, on Valhallavägen 189 and 193 in Stockholm. We have five studio theatres, three regular theatres, a cinema, a film studio, a television studio, three radio studios, rehearsal rooms, workshops, editing rooms, classrooms and offices.

In one of our theatres. Photo: Bengt Söderström
In the D-building. Photo: Per Bolkert.
In the T-building. Photo: Bengt Söderström

Subway: Red line 13 to Karlaplan, stairs up Valhallavägen (north). Walk Valhallavägen east, towards Gärdet. The highschool is situated on the left hand.

Bus: Buses 1, 4, 56, 72 and 76 all stop by the school.


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opening hours: Weekdays 08.30-15.00 (closed for lunch12.00-12.30).

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