Department 1

Department 1 with the subject units Circus, Dance, Dance Pedagogy, Opera and Acting

The department is headed by a teacher with the position of Head of Department. The department is responsible for several subjects, the subject units within the department are headed by teachers with the position of Heads of Subject Area.

The main principle is that teachers and other core staff (including doctoral candidates) are organisationally attached to the department and the unit to which their subject belongs. Departments are responsible for all activities located in their departments, including teaching and research.

Head of Department

Head of Department is Walter Ferrero

Heads of Subject Units

Circus: Stacey Sachs, acting

Dance: Lise-Lotte Axelsson, acting

Dance Pedagogy: Ninnie Andersson

Opera: Lise-Lotte Axelsson

Acting: Stacey Sachs, acting

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