Board of Education and Research

The Board of Education and Research prepares cases to the University Board and the Vice-Chancellor in comprehensive matters that concern education, research and research education.

Since 1 July 2016 there is a joint board for education and research at Uniarts.

The Board has the overall responsibility for the coordination of the University´s education, research and research education, quality review, engagement with society and monitoring.


The Board of Education and Research has established three local committees and a committee for research education.

Ordinary members

For the period of 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022.


Johanna Garpe, professor, chairperson

Anders Aare, assistant professor

Stina Ancker, assistant professor 

Andreas Berchtold, assistant professor

Eli Bø, professor

Aleksandra Czarnecki Plaude, assistant professor

Christian Vilppola, assistant professor

Richard Lindström, student representative

vacancy, studentrepresentant

vacancy, studentrepresentant

Marta Edling, external board member

vacancy, external board member

Substitutes for the Faculty Representatives

Annika Notér Hooshidar, assistant professor

Jon Refsdal Moe, professor

Jenny Sunesson, assistant professor

Ulrika Tenstam, assistant professor