As an Erasmus+ exchange student at SKH, you are entitled to receiving your grades in the ECTS-scale as well as the Swedish grades awarded at SKH (see below). Before you return to your home university, contact the international coordinator and make sure you have an official transcript of records indicating all your grades from SKH.

A - Excellent
B - Very Good
C - Good
D - Satisfactory
E - Sufficient
F – Fail

The Swedish grades used at SKH
VG - Väl godkänd (Pass with credit)
G - Godkänd (Pass)
U - Underkänd (Fail)

For some courses only G or U is given (Pass or Fail). This is indicated in the official Transcript of Records.

Academic Calendar
The academic year in Sweden is divided into two terms:

Autumn - from end of August to mid January
Spring - from mid January to June

There are shorter breaks during the academic year (so called process weeks) and a longer one during the summer.