Find housing

SKH has very limited ability to help you with housing. Below we have listed some tips to make your search a bit easier. Remember that finding private accommodation in Stockholm may be hard work but most students find somewhere to live after a while.

Visiting the web site Study in Stockholm can be a good start. There you will find information about student accommodation and other accommodation alternatives. There you can also get a short review of different student accommodation agencies and learn about their supply. Moreover, you can take a look at the following sites:

Visit Stockholm

Study in Sweden

Sök studentbostad


Svenska Bostäder

SSCO – Stockholms studentkårs centralorganisation

Hyra bostad

Hostel, hotel and Airbnb
Alternatively, you can contact one of the hotel/hostel/airbnb agencies in Stockholm before or on arrival. This should only be considered as a short term solution, since it’s a pricy one, while trying to find long term accommodation. See the site Swedish Youth Hostel Association.

More tips

  • Contact one of the Student Unions at SKH so you can ask students who are already living in Stockholm. They might need a roommate or know of free rooms.
  • Contact your embassy in Stockholm to see if they have any contacts or information to offer, or if you can place an add with them.
  • Check the notice boards at the university for notes on subletting of apartments and rooms.
  • Check the newspapers for available accommodation. There are a number of second hand letting agencies in Stockholm. Most of them have in common that they charge quite a steep fee for access to their registers of available flats and most of these flats have high rents and are for short term rental only.

Student accommodation through SKH
SKH has a few rooms located in the Area of Lappkärrsberget (Lappis) for rent. Let us know if you are interested in one of these rooms, but kindly be aware that normally there are more incoming exchange students than rooms available. Therefore, we ask you to be prepared to find housing on your own.

The housing area was built in the late sixties and is called “Lappis” for short. It consists of apartment buildings on three streets: Amanuensvägen, Forskarbacken and Professorsslingan. It is located in a green environment in the outskirts of Stockholm city, close to SKH:s different locations. The buildings are between four and six storeys high and there are 10-12 rooms in each corridor, all fully furnished and with your own shower and WC. The residents, both from Sweden and other countries, share a kitchen and a living room. There are laundry rooms on the housing area. Children or animals are not allowed in the student rooms.

The rent for the room is aproximately 16 500 SEK per term. The rent includes cold and hot water, electricity and heating and high-speed internet access with unlimited time online.

The closest underground station Universitetet is 12 minutes away from T-centralen. From the station Universitetet you can walk to Lappis in 5-10 minutes. If you come by car, there is a limited outdoor area where you can park, and parking places in a car park can be rented. If you want more information on parking and costs, contact Carpark AB, which is the company responsible for parking in your area. Email: Telephone: +46-771-969000.

Inventories in the room and kitchen
The rooms are fully furnished with a desk, wardrobe, chair and bed. You must bring your own quilt, pillow, sheets and towels. Rooms might be provided with a quilt and a pillow but that cannot be guaranteed. The corridor kitchens are equipped with common freezers and fridges and private cupboards but you should prepare to bring your own cooking utensils, china and so on. All the things not included can of course be bought once in Stockholm.

Key, code and laundry
Upon arrival you will receive keys for your room, kitchen cupboard and letterbox. To enter the corridor, you need a code which will be given to you together with your key. Lost keys are subject to a reimbursement fee. The laundry room you will find washing machines and booking lists.

There is an insurance that covers the building and surfaces in the room such as floors and walls. The furniture and your personal belongings will NOT be covered by this and you will have to sign insurance in your home country for this. It is very difficult to get insurance in Sweden for exchange students as you will not have a Swedish personal identity number which is required by insurance companies. It is not mandatory to have insurance, but we recommend it.

TV, telephone, computers and internet
There is a TV in the common living room. The rooms are not equipped with phones or computers, so you will therefore need to bring your own devices. Access to wifi is included in the rent.