International exchanges

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) offers students, teachers and other staff to conduct international exchanges with partner universities.
internationaliseringutbyte_matthew_allen_1500x600.jpgPhoto: Matthew Allen

Inbound exchange students

SKH offers incoming students from our partner universities the possibility to study for shorter or longer periods of time at one of our departments. Exchanges usually take place within one of the following programmes:

- Erasmus + Visit the website here
- Linneaus-Palme Visit the website here
- Nordplus Visit the website here

You can find more information about the programmes at the website of Swedish Council for Higher Education. Visit the website here

To find out more about exchange studies at SKH, please explore the pages to your left.

Free mover – coming to SKH outside of exchange programmes

You are welcome to apply to SKH, even if you are not taking part in an exchange programme. In this case we ask you to find the freestanding course or programme you are interested in through the SKH search engine. There you can read about the admission criteria and the application procedure for the particular education you are interested in.

Outbound student from SKH

Being a student at one of SKH's regular programmes you may want to study abroad for some time at one of our partner universities. To find out more about your possibilities to do so within a scholarship scheme, please visit SKH's intranet or contact one of the international coordinators.