SKH is part of and coordinates several international strategic partnerships. Please read more below.


Meeting place music theatre landscape

The Meeting place music theatre landscape: Phase 2 Strategic Partnership project aims to expand the possibilities for both performing arts makers and landscape architects to develop their practices within notions of the current European social landscape, exploring both the domestic and inter-country tensions that landscape contains, both literally and metaphorically. 
The project intends to bring together artists, scholars, designers, students, specific environments, across European institutions, with explorations of community, theory, and creative practice.

Building Bridges

An International Program for Film, Media and Performing Arts.
Building Bridges (15 ECTS) offers an opportunity to students and faculty to actively experience the expansion of their working artistic fields and meet new aspects of their practice in an international context. Over the course of a year, 25 students and 10 teachers from five participating institutions meet for three working periods in three different cities. In between these working periods the work is based on distance in groups formed on one student from each institution.

The partner schools are:

  • School of Visual Arts, New York City
  • Experimental Theatre Wing, TISCH, New York University
  • Stockholm University of the Arts
  • Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
  • Aalto University of Arts, Helsinki


This two year Strategic Partnership aims at the modernisation of curricula, and teaching and learning approaches in higher music education through a further development of the European Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP). The strategic partnership will focus on developing new content and sustainable structures for the NAIP training programme in terms of curriculum, mobility and recognition. It will develop expertise in the field of new audiences & innovative practice, especially with regards to the pedagogical knowledge and skills of the NAIP teachers, as well as to strengthen the position of the NAIP philosophy in regular training programmes. It will develop and spread the ideology of the creative collaborative learning methods that address the above mentioned issues, with the aim of increasing collaborative composition, improvisation, practice based research and building up personal skills in traditional study programmes.

The Iceland Academy of the Arts is the main coordinator of the project.


Next Move is a three-year development project in the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and aims to explore and develop new techniques to meet the changing needs of today's society in the teaching of dance, music and other art forms.
The Department of Dance Pedagogy at SKH is the main coordinator and together with Stichting ARTEZ in the Netherlands and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark creates a common rate to be conducted regularly. The focus is to develop methods and introduce entrepreneurship to reach a new and wider audience.