Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) was established on 1 January 2014. Here we describe what happened before the new higher education institution could be formed.
Bakgrund_Foto-Per-Bolkert_1100x620.jpgPhoto: Per Bolkert


In June 2012 the vice-chancellors of DOCH School of Dance and Circus, the University College of Opera, Stockholm and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts submitted a joint letter to the Swedish Government asking for permission to begin developing a new artistic higher education institution in Stockholm.

The objective of the new university was to strengthen and develop the environment for artistic research and promote dynamic collaboration between study programmes and research.

Research and innovation

The Research and Innovation bill (Gov. bill 2012/13.30), showed a positive development in artistic research in Sweden, and the Government therefore announced a major investment designed to create a strong environment for artistic research in Stockholm. This expansion required a larger venue than those available at any of the individual artistic higher education institutions in Stockholm at that time.

The foundation for a university of the arts

In December 2012 the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag, decided on the establishment of the new higher education institution. This laid the foundation for a future university of the arts in Stockholm.

An organisation committee was tasked with preparing and taking the action required in order to set up a new university.

Stockholm University of the Arts was established on 1 January 2014.