3,2 miljoner i forskningsmedel till Lina Persson


Lina Persson, lektor i Berättande animerad film, får 3,2 miljoner kronor i forskningsmedel från Vetenskapsrådets projektbidrag inom konstnärlig forskning för sitt projekt "Klimaträttvist världande".

Klimaträttvist världande, eller som den heter på engelska: Climate-just Worldings, beskrivs så här av Lina:

What would it mean to my artistic practice if there was a built-in limitation for me to use more resources than my share? What would a world look like, where future generations could access and confront the present with its overdraw of resources? Through different forms of “worldbuilding” like the film industry’s “storyworlds” and the “worldings” of material feminist theory these questions will be investigated.

Stort grattis Lina!

(Foto: David Cool)