Operastudenter redovisar självständiga magisterprojekt

Studenter på magisterprogrammet i Operasång vid SKH bjuder in dig till en scenisk redovisning av deras självständiga projekt. Varmt välkommen!

Piano och musikalisk instudering: Christine Morgan, Lektor i Musikalisk interpretation och Folke Alin

Handledning: Wilhelm Carlsson, Professor i Musikdramatisk gestaltning

Amie Foon 

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As my independent project, I would like to look at a few aspects in studying a famous role that has been done many times before and hated and loved by many people throughout various times.

I am studying the title role in Carmen by Bizet and looking at what makes Carmen and why this is such a popular character.

In my depiction of Carmen, I would like to see what it is in her character that can separate her from the crowd, what makes her so special and one of a kind? What effect does she have on the people around her and why is that so? 

Piano: Christine Morgan

Júlia Pérez Arquillo

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Putting into practice a Bel Canto Role

In the pursuit of getting deeper into the style and its composers, I have chosen Adina from "L'Elisir d'Amore", because it is an excellent vocal and scenic character to investigate and play with.

In this artistic performance, I would like to present the work done during the last months and give rise to think about how singers conceive the morality of their characters.

Piano: Folke Alin 

Maria Sveinungsen

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In my project, which I have chosen to call "Röstens hus" (The voice's house), I have explored how the body and the voice affect each other. I have tried to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of this through exercises, training/work out and change the centre of gravity.

The repertoire I have worked with is from Rickard Wagner's operas Tannhäuser, Lohengrin and Die Walküre.

Piano: Christine Morgan

Emelie Thoor

Kontakt med Emelie

My project is about the possibility to enrich one opera character by using another, in this case, to deepen Charlotte in Massenet's Werther by using Bizet’s Carmen.

I find Charlotte as a typical portrait of the bourgeoise woman at the end of the 19th century; someone who is there for others, both in the sence of taking responsibility of others and being admired by others.

My research aims to find out how the character Charlotte acts, both scenically and vocally, if she has a bit more of Carmen’s independence and temperament.

Piano: Folke Alin 

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