Soup Night Special with Amanda and Alice

Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av Alice MacKenzie

Amanda Billberg and Alice MacKenzie invite you to a sharing of work from their time in the NPP masters program. Soup Night Special will include We As A Thing by Amanda Billberg, a presentation of practices by Alice MacKenzie and time to speak, eat and read together in between.

To reserve a seat and a bowl of soup, please send an email with your preferred day and any dietary requirements to

Amanda Billberg och Alice MacKenzie bjuder in dig att ta del av deras arbeten från sin tid på masterprogrammet NPP. Soup Night Special inkluderar We As A Thing av Amanda Billberg, en presentation av praktiker av Alice MacKenzie och tid att samtala, äta och läsa tillsammans.

För att reservera din plats och en skål soppa skickar du ett e-mail med önskad dag och eventuella matallergier till

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For Amanda -

Crap Haikus volume IV: Word Salads and Soup Slurping

Tangling edges,
Woven mucous spills forth from
Fleshy, sounding mouths.

Science-fiction tongues
Tasting the vibrating air
In between the cracks.

The soft pleasure of
Fermenting feminisms
composting my flesh.

Vocal desires
Coat the ridges of our gums.
The bass line carries.

She waits. Turns her head.
The scent of time passing by
Seeps from softening skin.

Fantasy Mucous!
How you shimmer as you seep…
Spilling furry pearls.


Sound in collaboration with Siriol Joyner
Movement in collaboration with Ina Dokmo
Commissioned responses to the practice from Ina Dokmo, Anna Westberg, Susanne Songi Griem, Siriol Joyner, Mirko Guido and Ebba Petrén
Supervisors Arantxa Martinez and Cara Tolmie

With support from is accessible for people with movement disabilities and can be accessed by wheelchair. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about the ac-cessibility of the event.

Med stöd av´s lokaler har breda dörrar, en tillgänglighetsanpassad WC och inga hindrande trösklar.
Kontakta oss på om du har frågor kring eventets tillgänglighet i övrigt.

By Alice MacKenzie

PROGRAM: NPP:s presentationsveckor 9-19 maj 2019