Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av André Soares

A sensorial journey // durational experience: awakening the affection of time and space within being.

At first, one may assume the conduct of time, the state of things and processes, facing the changes of oneself encountering a different space. Secondly, one may let go of time, let go of thought, let go of the search for a meaning and stay very close to one’s senses. Thirdly, you may be aware of all that a body/being is/can becoming/become – choreography, vibration, genders, things, moods, tenses, languages, drawings, affections, spirituality, dances, spaces… CLICKING beings – in a continuous manifestation which experiences can be felt.

The multiplicity in us – the human form and the nonhuman, vertebrate and invertebrate, animal and vegetal, conscious and unconscious movements and intensities in us that are not yoked to some conscious goal or purpose that is or can be justified in some capitalist program.[1]

Practicing Beings unfolds through choreography and visual arts for/with human bodies and other forms of life. Strongly anchored in research and in a constant procedural embodiment this journey desires to engage with you by handling experiences that renders (in)reality. Therefore this practice articulates meaningful devices such as wording, the cadence and perception of time in contemplation, the inherent choreography [in us] to inform, form and affirm or disrupt normalization. You are invited to dwell in a diptych environment: forest-natural space / studio-artificial space > with a desire to link both with reciprocity, kin to wilderness and blurring the boundaries. To become a co-creator attending singular experiences, a mediator of the results, and a living document of the process as unfolding and continuous practice. Together [me and you] with other artists, will collaborate to perform events/spaces InTrans-formation kin to resilient and benevolent art/life as a practice. Thus proposing [traces] sound installations, live performances, inner-practices and performance-as-space. In all, a common denominator prevails: the encounter between (and departing from) sentient bodies [movement] to re-trust and connect – to “CLICK” – as relational beings/creatures that are in contact-touch.

KIN to re-form. KIN to re-love. KIN to re-member. KIN to re-trans-form.

[1] Alphonso Lingis, “Animal body, Inhuman faces” in Social Semiotics, Vol.7, No.2 London: Routledge 1997, 167

Booking information

Email to or text us in messenger (Facebook).
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Some events require files download to attend the experience.

Open studios // Open forest


- Open Studio
May 17 and 18 - 15.00-21.00 (open doors)
May 19 - 16.00-22.00 (open doors)
Address: DOCH Brinellvägen 58, downstairs (studio 1 and others)

- Open Forest
The forest is timeless. You can request a sound file and map via e-mail to access on your own time and your own devices.

The access to the Studio and Forest is free and doesn’t require pre-booking.

* requires pre-booking

- Individual experiences
 Doch/studio space: - One-On-One session
                                 - Felt-sensing meditation
 Forest (starting at Doch): walk-in-touch

- Shared experiences     
 May 17 - Doch/studio space - Voicing Beings (invitation to practice)
 May 18 - Doch/studio space - Heart trans-formation (performance)
 May 19 - Doch/Forest - Antennae (solo performance)
- Out-of-time experience (May 18)
 Forest - Full Moon celebration at 12.12 am  


André Soares, Rita Westwood, João Bento, Emma Strandsäter, Antoniya Ivanova and other beings with the audience. Grateful to Frank Bock for mentoring, attending and grounding this Practice... Thanks to Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and GDA for the support!

PROGRAM NPP:s presentationsveckor 9-19 maj 2019