Half & half

Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av Austėja Barbora Vilkaitytė

Half & half:


Dear audience,

welcome to my performance practice.
I am exploring a reality that can not be fast forwarded,
that takes time in its boredom,
that allows happenings to appear - inscribed memories in the bodies of the space.

I want to allow the unknown to manipulate me body.
To choreograph appearing expressions entangled with past archives of the life of contemporary dancer.
I want to play 'hybrid performativity’!
I want to dance: DIGNITY, HONEST, SPIRIT, EMOTIONAL, TRUST and others, where every facial expression, every sound and feeling are my movements.
I always like dancing RETROSPECTIVE.

Whichever series you choose to come to - this performance reality is for us all to participate and experience.
For some documentation of previous performances, you can check the archive: 
Hope to meet you there.

/Austéja Barbora Vilkaityte

PROGRAM: NPP:s presentationsveckor 9-19 maj 2019