Fictioning Hamlet: Dialogues and Diffractions

Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av Mirko Guido

‘Fictioning Hamlet: Dialogues and Diffractions’ is a choreographed environment. It includes materials and practices developed along a research process that Mirko Guido embarked on in the spring of 2018: surprised by the sense of shame he felt when realising he did not know the story of Hamlet, he began dealing with questions about power dynamics between dominant narratives and individual imaginaries. Mirko decided to work with Hamlet, not to re-write or re-interpretate the original story, but rather to trigger a collective recollection through the things we believe we remember. Hamlet, in this research process, has been a base for continuous departures, raptures, deviations, fugues and leakages. Hamlet is there, but it is an absent center, where it cannot be the dominant subject; its power is decentralised and folded into a more dynamic process of intra-subjective relations.

Starting with a series of interviews, Mirko has increasingly applied participatory approaches in the process, allowing the participants to influence and determine the development of the work. He has been creating strategies based on using fiction to make a fiction. This practice of ‘re-fictioning’ has been a tool for the construction of alternate realities; the possibility to imagine in relation to a powerful (dominant) narrative, and to give that imaginary the importance (power of affectivity) to become present (real), as part of an artwork open to the public.

During this process, materials of different mediums have formed as temporary conclusions, as moments of diffractions triggered by specific situations, voices and dialogues. In the context of this presentation, as an iteration of his practices, concepts, and methods, Mirko hacks, selects, and reorganises his own research process and, together with a work on gestures and story-telling performed by Alice MacKenzie and Benny Olk, he turns the room 402 at Linnégatan 87 into a choreographed environment of situations and relationships.

Mirko's ongoing research is proposed as a choreography of materials, situations and relationships. Presented together with Alice MacKenzie and Benny Olk, this experience includes participatory practices and performance.
Mirko’s pågående forskning är ett förslag till koreografi för material, situationer och relationer. Presentationen ges tillsammans med Alice MacKenzie och Benny Olk och består av deltagande praktiker och performance.

Mirko Guido

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