FABULATORY - a fabulous etymology of gestures as an archival futuring practice

Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av Brigitte Wilfing

Brigitte Wilfing - FABULATORY -  a fabulous etymology of gesture as an archival futuring practice

A performative in.formation, an in.formulation of my artistic research.
En performativ in.formation, en in.formulering av min konstnärliga forskning.

In the Fabulatory, analyses and narration meet in peculiar temporalities. Circling the ethics of forgetting, fabulation is used as a way to memorize the future through imagining the past, for speculative futuring and other mnemotic practices. Storytelling is the vehicle to remember how to remember, how knowledge is shared, formulated, stored. It proposes a laboratory of cultural labor, a fact.orat.ory of meaning production.For reflections and confabulations, a fabrication of fables and ineffables.
The performance choreographs an extended text that quotes and references into the space through dance and other media, holding my research on gestures with its past and future ghosts and companions. From inside-out outside-in, like F. G. Lorca’s octopuses, the event is a meeting of text and body archives, entangling ways of thinking, symbolizing and ‚present-ing'.
The Fabulatory sets out to situate my artistic research on gesture as an archival futuring practice that links pasts and futures to promote mutable narratives on the basis of my cultural and personal history and to create new and strange perspectives on his_tory and mine. Affirming that, in the end, everything comes down to the story we tell ourselves and others.

Artistic Company: Sabina Holzer
Music: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong with contributions of David Panzl and Noise Me Tender

PROGRAM: NPP:s presentationsveckor 9-19 maj 2019