Agency of cross-disciplinary accords / Choreographic creature of matter

Varmt välkommen till en presentation av konstnärligt arbete från Masterprogrammet nya performativa praktiker.

Av Dan Johansson

Welcome to my final presentation at the master program New Performative Practices at Uniarts, DOCH. I'm inviting you to share some insights into my Artistic Practice and to perform it for you through collaborations.

Performers: Patricia Saliba and Dan Johansson
Film, documentation: Mark Vuori
Editing: Didrik Thurfjell
Music, sound: Mats Sundin
Light: Lumination of Sweden

Agency of cross-disciplinary accords

In addition to movement, choreography and composition, my practice contains painting abstract pieces on large size panorama sheets of paper and making installations with various materials  and objects. Currently the installations are framed to tape-work and the action of taping, using the material as initiator and creator of new spaces within the already existing space.

In playing with perception as viewer by reading in directional trajectory from different entry-points invites for several visual experiences.
Installations as potential extracts or extensions out of paintings or in reversed, paintings as framed containers for installations entering though fall and collapse. Or seeing the disciplines carried in equilibrium by the in-betweens.

In my physical practice I use a specific imagined tactile body-structure that I named ”Three Foldable Curved Lines” which is an abstract concept for dealing with physical organisation of balance and movement using thoughts as material for technique. This method articulated from selecting to work with oppositional collaborative-forces in the body, experienced in walking, running and crawling on all four, unfolding it into more complex organisations of movements, and choreography. This tactile-body allows a morph of multiple aesthetics in opposition of using censorship and negation as method and tool for choreographing.

In search for abstraction as a performative material, we use this tactile-body for passing through ready-known forms, shapes and gestures that speaks and glimts their own history and references. Carried by the legacy of other peoples work through references and history, in need of, supported from, aligned with, but also in-prisoned through.

I research to broaden my understanding of my interests, in search of gaps that respirates new, altered ways, options and potentialities for past, present, future, allowing inner and outer architecture to meet. Placing three disciplines beside each-other is an attempt for new accords to emerge, where the viewers reading are invited to shift who’s carrier of front or momentary protagonist of attention in the space.

Points, lines, constructing, de-constructing, re-shaping, transmitting, transforming gives birth to a fictional creature of tape and paint growing from performing one singular line into a network, web, rhizom, an installation dedicated to growth though repetition becoming layers, a thing that builds its own context, a: 

Choreographic creature of matter

A creature that leaves traces as fictional markers of time, dividers of spaces, borders of inner and outer patterns, as sense making connections, mappings and organisation of relational repetitions. Narratives shattered into abstraction, open for multiple interpretation. As viewer allowing agency to shift, enabling emergence and formation of new accords of meanings to appear through layered imagery.
Articulation brought into instability attracts me, and you are INVITED.                                                                                       

Special thanks to: Martin Sonderkamp, Crysa Parkinson, Martin Hargreaves, Juliett Mapp, Frank Bock, Eleanor Bauer, Andre´ Lepecki, Lito Walkey, Manon Santkin my NPP colleagues, my collaborators and many more.      

PROGRAM NPP:s presentationsveckor 9-19 maj 2019