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Under vår forskningsvecka, 16-19 januari, kommer författaren och den litterära teoretikern Piet Devos och besöker oss. Han håller en gratis föreläsning med titeln BEAUTY IS A VERB: Dis/ability and Multisensory Experience in the Arts den 17 januari kl 19.00 på Linnégatan 87. Förboka din plats redan idag!

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Text om Piet Devos och hans föreläsning (in English)

Piet Devos_300x240.jpg
Bild på Piet Devos lånad från hans hemsida

What to think of a blind photographer like Evgen Bavcar? Of the concertos which Maurice Ravel composed for the one-handed pianist Paul Wittgenstein? And what about a dance performance, called ‘The Invisible Dancer’, where both fully sighted and visually impaired audience members are being asked to close their eyes and just listen to dance?

Disabilities are typically viewed as being ‘a lack’ or ‘a deficiency’. While drawing on insights from Disability and Sensory Studies, I will rather argue that dis/ability entails an essentially creative reorganization of sensory experience. By disrupting the ‘normal’ ways of perceiving the world, disability has always inspired many artists from all kinds of disciplines. By discussing historical and more recent examples from literature, dance, music and the visual arts, we will discover that disability operates on all levels of the aesthetic process – going from the conceptual or formal making of a piece to its reception.

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