Invitation to a 7 day habitat of sharing

For more than one year we have been undergoing a process of artistic research without having decided upon a specific result or outcome more than sharing to see what then can unfold. We set up a series of workshops in Stockholm and
Berlin and invited 20 collaborators from different fields in different constellations. So the act of sharing became our primary research material, and the second one became sensation, as one of the fundaments of sharing.

We make sense with our senses and we connect to ourselves and others with our senses. Connection offers bridges for participation, engagement, decision making, and sensation can become a practice and be cultivated.
Through this project we aim for expanding the notions of sensation as a material and sharing as a core element forming the basis for processes.

We want to invite for a habitat of emergence in and through sharing sensation, dance, talk and other means of communication, offer space and time, let synergies evolve and new and old forms and formats of sharing manifest.
The oscillation between the thinking and the doing can become like a metasense where questions can be asked through the doing.

In what ways can we share experience?

What kind of possibilities can emerge out of purposelessness?

Our aim is to facilitate a situation that is both pre- and post lectures, teaching, performance and other common formats that we are usually undertaking. We aim for the representation of a thing to become the thing ( again).

The week is structured into themes for the different days and we have invited a collaborator for each day to contribute some of her/his practice.

You can sign up for anything between half a day and the whole week.

Day 1: Sensation as a means of sharing presence ( Sigal Zouk)
Day 2: Sharing as a culture / dynamics of proposing and witnessing ( Mira Mutka)
Day 3: The power of naming . The power of not naming ( Rebecca Hilton)
Day 4: Clusters of attention and organization ( Manon Santkin)
Day 5: Dynamics of collective leadership ( Zoé Poluch)
Day 6: Allowing aimlessness and claiming responsibility ( Peter Mills)
Day 7 : The heart of things (Cecilia Roos&Jan Burkhardt)