Bad girls practices: un-writing dance, the body and the choir

Öppen forskningspresentation med Frédéric Gies, programansvarig för Masterprogrammet i koreografi på DOCH

Frédéric Gies kommer att presentera en översikt över de olika metoder och händelser som han hittills utvecklat inom ramen för det forskningsarbete som inleddes för tre år sedan. En del material kommer att framföras live. Denna överblick kommer att vara grunden för diskussioner medarbetspartnerna Carla Bottiglieri (dansare, BMC-utövare och doktorand på institutionen för dans vid Paris 8 Universitetet) Peter Mills (koreograf och tidigare student vid Masterprogrammet i koreografi) och Anna Efraimsson (curator och producent och tf prefekt för institutionen för dans)

For this presentation I will propose a panoramic view on the different practices and events I have developed so far in the frame of my research, which I started three years ago. Various materials will be performed live. They will be the ground for formats of discussion with several partners (Carla Bottiglieri, Anna Efraimsson and Peter Mills), who accompanied specific steps in my research process.

Research description:

As the etymology and the genealogy of the word choreography suggests, choreography is about writing how we move together, according to given social and political constructions or as a way to represent, establish or reinforce such constructions and modalities of relation. Turning it inside out, it also holds the potential for a change, for creating other forms and modalities of relation. In this research project, I propose to explore choreography as an un-writing practice, assuming that such a displacement holds potential for opening up to a space that allows the emergence of alternative modalities of relation, political practices, forms of embodiment and ways of moving singularly and collectively, instead of prescribing a new organization and a new writing of movement. In order to develop choreography as an un-writing practice, I propose to explore specific articulations between dance, somatic practices and techno club subcultural elements alongside with gestures that affect the environment and the apparatus in which bodies move and enter in relation.
Frédéric Gies