Profilområdesdialoger "Curation's Dramaturgy"

"Curation's Dramaturgy" - samarbetsprocesser i samtida performance, dans och utställningar. Fyra internationella curatorer eller dramaturger samtalar med fyra konstnärer eller koreografer.

Målet med den här föreläsningsserien är att bjuda in en internationell grupp av kända curatorer / dramaturger och konstnärer / koreografer, som samarbetar med varandra och vars konstnärliga, curatoriella och dramaturgiska verk har gett en ny förståelse till trans-disciplinär kunskap om konst.

André Lepecki är professor inom profilområdet Koncept och komposition. Den 8-9 april bjuder han in DD Dorvillier, dansare, koreograf och lärare, baserad i New York och Paris, tillsammans med Cristina Grande, curator vid Serralves Foundation i Porto, Portugal.

Den 8 april - DD Dorvillier: Before Now and After Always.

Föreläsningen ger en överblick av DD Dorvilliers arbeten från 2005 till idag, samt introducerar en nyskapat curatoriellt, publicerat preformance-projekt kallat: Danspace Project Platform 2014: Diary of an Image by DD Dorvillier vilket innehåller en diskussion om det koreografiska verket A catalogue of steps som kommer att gästa Serralves Foundation i Porto, Portugal under maj 2015, på inbjudan av performance curatorn Cristina Grande.

Danspace Project Platform 2014: Diary of an Image by DD Dorvillier emerged as my response to an invitation to create a month-long event at Danspace Project in New York City, intended to bring more extensive audience insight into my artistic practice, and history. Co-curating with writer and scholar Jenn Joy, I invited influential artist peers from  past and current projects, to create and present new solo works for the program, created a book co-edited with Jenn Joy, and two new works Diary of an Image and A catalogue of steps. A catalogue of steps is a long-term, modular, choreographic project, developed as a result of the questions that came up around the proposal to create the Danspace Project platform in 2014.

On the subject of Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready! (2009), a conversation with Jenn Joy:

“As a suggested prologue, choreography functions as a practice which makes possible the reorganizing of thought, sense, and perception after the communicative means we've come to take for granted have exhausted themselves out of boredom or overuse. I would like to propose choreography as a strategy that can be used to prepare the ground for new means of working together, producing knowledge, and sharing experience. Apocalypse certainly points to the end of something as we know it, but is also inciting its potential opposition, utopia. The title and my premise is a playful way of suggesting that change is not always easy, nor obvious. The fact that the piece is merely a prologue points to the fact that this change has precedents, and implies process.”

DD Dorvillier
is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Creating performances exclusively in and for New York City since 1989, she began developing her works in other countries in 2009. Her projects have been presented in New York at Danspace Project, The Kitchen, NY Live Arts, and PS 122, and abroad at ImPulsTanz, Kaaitheater, and Rencontres Internationales Chorégraphiques de Seine-St Denis, among others. Her most recent work, Danza Permanente—a Beethoven string quartet transposed into movement for four dancers, in silence—premiered at STUK in 2012. In 2000, she founded human future dance corps to support her individual work and collaborations. Over the years, she has collaborated with Jennifer Monson, Jennifer Lacey, Zeena Parkins, Yvonne Meier, and Sarah Michelson, among others. Honors include a Creative Capital Award (2013), multiple MAP Fund grants, a Guggenheim Fellowship (2011), and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant (2007). For 2014, Danspace Project has commissioned Diary of an Image, a four-week platform dedicated to her work and practice. In 2015, Extra Shapes, a new work commissioned by EMPAC, will explore spectatorship and the perceptual and functional differences between movement, sound, and light.

Den 9 april - Cristina Grande: Curating Dance: from Simone Forti to DD Dorvillier

Definitionen av dramaturgi inom fältet curating härstammar ur ett individuellt och aktoritärt tänkande kring nutida scenkonst, förståelsen för dess utveckling och avbrott kommer ur ett historiskt, ideologiskt och konstnärligt perspektiv. Grandes presentation kommer att fokusera på programmet för rörlig konst vid Serralves Museum för modern konst, inom en nutida ram - från 1960-talet till idag - med speciellt fokus på i Álvaro Sizas arkitektoniska projekt.

"I will present an insight into some seminal projects by leading artists from the last 50 years that explored the historical and current relationship between performing and visuals arts, but also new commissions to artists that challenge the way live arts are shown, perceived, and collected today. The pioneering and influential work of the artist Simone Forti and the new live art project from DD Dorvillier will be the temporal limits for our conversation. The first represents the opening of Serralves, in 1999, to the regular presentation of performance, and DD confirms the importance of that programmatic option as a decisive contribution for the museum’s singularity."

Cristina Grande (Porto, 1962)
Graduated in History from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Oporto. Postgraduated in Arts Management by the National Institute of Administration, organized in collaboration with the Arts Administration department at Columbia University, in New York.
She is the Coordinator of Performing Arts Department and Contemporary Dance and Performance curator at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal. She develops projects that support artistic research and development in Performing and Visual Arts. In this context, she highlights the Residency Mugatxoan, carried out in partnership with the Spanish institutions Arteleku and La Laboral (2001-2011), directed artistically by Ion Munduate and Blanca Calvo, and Trama Performing Arts Festival (2006-2011), an initiative curated by a collective of programmers and dedicated to the dissemination of experimental and contemporary art forms in music, theatre, dance and performance .
She was responsible for programming the Contemporary Dance programme at Teatro do Campo Alegre, managed by the Foundation for Science and Development, in Oporto, from September 2000 to July 2002.
In 2009 she was the programmer of the 1st edition of the Triennial Project for Hosting the European Contemporary Theatre Performance, in Italy, named “Piccola Europa”, which was organized and produced by Teatro delle Arriette.
Since 2010 that she is a part of the specialists’ committee of the Roberto Cimetta Fund for the areas of Dance and Performance with the responsibility to analyze and select projects in order to award grants to artists from the Euro-Mediterranean regions and Arab countries, in the field of contemporary performance art.