Stacey Sacks 50 %-seminarium - "luxurious migrant - performing whiteness"

Samtidigt som doktorandprojektet "The Improvising Trickster" pågår undersöker Stacey Sacks begrepp som rättighet, auktoritet och utanförskap. Stacey är doktorand i scenkost.

Abstract av Stacey Sacks:

"White isn’t the bland thing its made out to be micro-divisions of aggressive homogeneities splintering invisible strands of random unspoken laws of privilege the white who will not see the white who sees but doesn’t care the self-aware white who cares but has no shame the utterly self-conscious shame-burdened white perpetually helpless in the face of multi-versal neo-capitalist patriarchal power trying to frame itself as the do-gooder watching noble intentions dissolve as anthropologies of the ridiculous". 

Read more about the seminar on our English website: "luxurious migrant  - performing whiteness"