DOCH Open Lectures: Arantxa Martinez

Välkommen till DOCH Open Lectures med Arantxa Martinez.

Arantxa Martinez is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2003, formed in ballet and contemporary dance in Madrid, her hometown, and in 1999 in the Choreographic Center of Montpellier, France. Her work is concerned with identification, exchange and dependency processes between body and its environment and it investigates performativity in relation to these processes. Works by Arantxa Martinez

  • Avant-Garten, 2017 – a temporary garden in collaboration with Juan Dominguez for the Sommerfestival in Kampnagel, Hamburg
  • Très bien éclairé, 2015
  • Emisiones Cacatúa. Special Issue, 2012 - a radio project in collaboration with Nilo Gallego
  • The Present, 2010/2012 - in collaboration with Lola Rubio
  • al oeste del Pecos, 2007
  • J, a folk-striptease in 4", 2007
  • Trofeo, 2003
  • de l’impatience de celui qui regarde dormir, 1999 - in collaboration with Remi Héritier.

She regularly work or have worked with artists such as Kate McIntosch, Juan Domínguez, María Jerez, Petra Sabisch, Eszter Salamon, Antonia Baehr, Cullberg Ballet, Isabelle Schad, Tino Sehgal, Massimo Furlan, Martine Pisani, Alexandre Roccoli, Philippe Saire, Mathilde Monnier and Germana Civera among others and i participate in several video works of visual artists like Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Lior Shamriz, Emmanuelle Antilles, Delphine Ste. Marie and Blanca Casas. Between 2002 and 2007 she worked regularly with the music band Velma, with which she created three pieces: Requiem, 2007, Velma Superstar, 2005 Rondo, 2002.

DOCH Open Lectures

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