"Monday presentations": Jelena Rundqvist

Välkommen till höstens "Monday Presentations" på ämnet performativa praktiker. Presentationerna hålls av alumner från masterprogrammet Nya Performativa Praktiker (NPP) på DOCH.

Jelena Rundqvist: Move

What is the choreography of a place?
How are we choreographed in a city, or in the world?

For the last two years I have studied New Performative Practices, an MA Program in Choreography at DOCH. With a background in visual art I approach choreography as a concept open for interpretation. Move is a personal study in the movements of my own neighborhood Hjulsta, the effects a global choreography of geopolitical interests has on our lives and how a black gold makes us move. The water surface on a dark lake mirrors what is above, letting the sun watch its own reflection and believe the visible is the only existing reality.

/Jelena Rundqvist, artist who works across the fields of art, design and choreography.

"Monday Presentations" ht 17 på DOCH

Alumner från masterprogrammet i Nya Performativa Praktiker (NPP) bjuder in till öppna presentationer. Träffarna hålls på DOCH under hösten.  

Varmt välkomna önskar NPP-alumnerna!

Ingen kostnad. Presentationerna hålls på engelska.

  • 25 september kl 18-19.30: Jelena Rundqvist: Move
  • 16 oktober kl 16-19: Marianne Skjeldal och Julia Adzuki
  • 23 oktober kl 18-21: Alexandra Campbell och Alberto Franceschini
  • 13 november kl 19.30-21: Orfee Schjuit
  • 20 november kl 18-21: Ossi Niskala and Molly Saudek
  • 27 november kl 18-19.30: Mikko Niemstö
  • 3 december kl 18-19.30: Quim Bigas Bassart
  • 11 december kl 18-19.30: Abagail Evans