NPP Graduate Presentations

Den 14 december ger Anna Öberg inblick i sin forskning under studierna vid Masterprogrammet i nya performativa praktiker.

My master project has been an ongoing negotiation of social, political and corporeal spaces that has created a landscape of paradoxes between art and cultural heritage. Even though my research contains references from different genres and contexts, I still consider my background in Swedish Folk Dance to be the main source of inspiration.

By defining and going deeper into the central parameters of my practice as well as conventional components of performance, articulated through different contexts, I have explored my practice’s potential to expand into multilayered, intertextual relations between these areas.

The presentation will take form of a guided tour through topics and questions that have been present during the process and end with a conversation.

Presentationen visas i samband med Öppet hus på DOCH. » Klicka här för att läsa mer