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Öppet seminarium under doktorandkursen med Alberto Frigo och Matti Bye.

Inbjudna gästföreläsare till månadens öppna seminarium under doktorandkursen är Aberto Frigo och Matti Bye.

Seminariet kommer att hållas på engelska.

Alberto Frigo har sedan 2004 fotograferat allt vad hans högra hand hållit i och använt, hans projekt är tänkt att pågå under 36 år. Han kallar sitt arbete för "tebah" för att skilja det fråna andra former av arkivering och loggning relaterade till större maktstrukturer.

Tebahism: Life-stowing and Regenerating Art Practices.

Looking at the older traditions of the Art of Memory and Combinatorial Art as well as more recent examples of Experimental Literature and Outsider Art, I will present my 36 long project.
Since 2004, I have been photographing every object my right hand has used as well as experimented with multiple on-going ways to record other aspects of reality.

During my lecture I will present my work, which I came to define as “tebah” to distinguish it from other forms of archiving and logging relating to larger power structures. In this respect, my talk will touch upon the current debates of less autonomous forms of digital archiving such as that control by social media and the upcoming lifelogging technologies.

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Erfarenheter och undersökningar av musikimprovisation i förhållande till rörliga bilder

Matti Bye kommer att prata om sina erfarenheter och undersökningar av musikimprovisation i grupp i förhållande till rörliga bilder, med film och ljudexempel.

Matti Bye started his career 25 years ago composing and doing live improvisations to silent film and early cinema. Using similar methods and given his special sensitivity and experience of playing face to face in contact to the screen he has now shifted a certain focus giving most attention to contemporary film and tv productions.

This year Bye received several prizes including two nominations and winner of Guldbagge for the music to the Film, Faro, plus the Nordic film music price;  Harpa.

“We felt that the themes developments, the choice of a small orchestral ensemble, and the overall emotional counterpoint provided by the music in a movie, in which, voluntarily, there is very little dialogue, wonderfully fills the blanks that are purposely left by the director in the storytelling.

And this magical, emotional alchemy between the music and the images is, after all, what film music is all about", the jury comments about Matti Bye’s winning music.

Matti Bye has also collaborated and written filmscores for Jan Troell, Maria Larsson’s everlasting moments, where he also received a Guldbagge for 2009. Other recently films he made music for is "Pictures from a playground" a documentary about Ingmar Bergman and the comedy "One hundred man that climbed out a window and disappeared" (Centenarian).

He is a Regular performer and composer solo as well as with his ensemble to various silent film festivals and screenings around the world. This a a one of many work methods where Bye can and will continue his ever thirst of exploring new ways of developing the alchemy of sound and images.