Profilområdesseminarium professor André Lepecki

André Lepecki, nytillträdd professor i Koncept och komposition kommer att hålla ett öppet seminarium runt sitt profilområde.

concept : composition : object : event :

a seminar with André Lepecki

In this seminar, I will introduce some key ideas structuring the development of the Profile Area “Concept and Composition” -- as this research area relates to contemporary artistic practices and discourses. Given the current situation where performance, choreography, and dance have become inescapable presences in museums and other visual art venues, I will focus specifically on how curatorial and dramaturgical approaches may offer critical tools enabling us to rethink the very notions of “concept” and “composition,” as well as those of “object” and “event.” The working hypothesis is that curating and dramaturging fuse as co-extensive, deeply imbricated, dialogical practices, so that we may start addressing the conditions of visibility, display, documentation, and transmission that performance, choreography, and dance (historically and ontologically) have always challenged and resisted.

André Lepecki kommer närmast från Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.