English Language Requirement

You must show that you have the right level of knowledge of English. If you lack a grade or do not have documentation that show that you have the sufficient level of English, you can take an English Proficiency Test to show your eligibility.

Do you Meet the English Language Requirement?

In order to be eligible for university studies in Sweden, you must show that that you meet the English language requirement for the course or programme that you wish to apply for. It is indicated in the entry requirements for each course or programme.

What is the Requirement?

For most courses and study programmes where English is the language of instruction, the English language entry requirement is the equivalent of English studies at upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden, called English Course 6 (previously Course B). For some courses, the English entry requirement is at a lower level, called English Course 5 (previously called Course A).

Some applicants meet the requirment through their upper secondary studies.

Applicants who have previously studied at a university level may also meet the requirements.

If you do not meet the English language requirement defined in the general or the specific entry requirement, you can take an English test.

Local English language test

In the admission process for most of our courses and programmes, where English is the the main language of instruction, we arrange a local English test to be given in conjunction with the selection tests at Uniarts. Please note that the local language test is only valid when applying to a specific education programme within Uniarts. The local English language test if free of charge. The test is organized at our school premises in Stockholm on a specific date.

Internationally recognised English test

Applicants may also demonstrate their English abilities through an internationally recognised English test. Below you can see accepted tests and minimum results required.

Deadline to turn in internationally recognised English test results to Uniarts is 21 June 2017 (for programmes starting autumn 2017). Please be aware that it can take several weeks for your test scores to arrive. Take the test in time!


All TOEFL tests must be sent directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS). The institution code of Uniarts is Sweden 7792. You must provide this code in order for your results to be reported to Uniarts. When sending your score, you can choose any school type and department; it does not matter which one you select.

Please note that it can take several weeks for your test scores to arrive from ETS, so arrange for them to be sent to Uniarts as early as possible. TOEFEL recommend that you take the test 2 to 3 months before the test results must be handed in. TOEFL scores are valid for two years after the test date.


For Course 6: Score of 4.5 (scale 1-6) in written test, total score of 575
For Course 5: Score of 4.0 (scale 1-6) in written test, total score of 530


For Course 6: Score of 20 (scale 0-30) in written test, total score of 90
For Course 5: Score of 17 (scale 0-30) in written test, total score of 72

Please note: TOEFL Examinee Score Records are not accepted.


You should send a copy of your IELTS test results to Uniarts. We will verify your results.

Academic modules

For Course 6: an overall mark of 6.5 and no section below 5.5
For Course 5: an overall mark of 5.5 and no section below 5.0

Michigan English Language Assessment Battery

For Course 6: Minimum score of 90
For Course 5 Minimum score of 85

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

For Course 5: First Certificate in English, grade A, B or C
For Course 6: Certificate in Advanced English