VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research

The digital journal for artistic research “VIS” ( was released on 9 April 2018 (Issue 0). The second issue, Issue 1, will be published 24 January 2019.

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VIS Issue 1

VIS Issue 1 with the theme "Risk" will be published 24 January.

Presentation of the latest Issue will be during Stockholm University of the Arts Reserach Week.

When and where: 25 January, at 15:45–16:15, Linnégatan 87, room 502

About VIS

Stockholm University of the Arts and Norwegian Artistic Research Programme have collaborated to establish a digital journal for artistic research ( The purpose of the journal is to serve as a basic source of knowledge for anyone who wants to learn and immerse themselves in artistic research in the Nordic region. The goal is to strengthen Nordic cooperation for artistic research. With this journal, we hope to contribute to insight, knowledge and awareness of methods, ethics and context in artistic processes.

Every Issue will feature 5–7 Peer-Reviewed expositions and the journal will come out two times a year. All the expositions featured in the journal are made in Research Catalogue. Issue 0 was published together with the website 9 April 2018.

The Steering Committee for VIS

Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor, Stockholm University of the Arts
Johan Scott, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Stockholm University of the Arts
Jenny Tyllström, Director of the Research Office, Stockholm University of the Arts
Cecilie Broch Knudsen, Chairman, Norwegian Artistic Research program
Hans Knut Sveen, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Norwegian Artistic Research program
Geir Strøm, CEO, Norwegian Artistic Research program

Editorial Committee for VIS, 2017–2019

Cecilia Roos, Vice Rector of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts
Anna Lindal, Head of Department, Stockholm University of the Arts
Mia Engberg, Researcher in Film and Media, Stockholm University of the Arts
Magnus Bärtås, Professor, University of Arts, Crafts and Design
Darla M Crispin, Director of Arne Nordheim Center, NMH
Serge von Arx, Artistic Director Scenography Ostfold University College
Trond Lossius, Head of Research, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Heidi Möller, Editorial Project Manager, Stockholm University of the Arts

Visit VIS website

Visit the portal page for VIS in Research Catalogue
Visit VIS Facebook-page.


Call 3 – upcoming

Call for VIS Issue 3 will open in February/March 2019.

Call 2, theme "Estrangement"

The call for VIS Issue 2 is now closed. The theme is "Estrangement". Read more at VIS website

Call 1, theme "Risk"

Call for VIS Issue 1 was closed 1 June 2018. Issue 1 will be published in January 2019.