Bodily and Vocal Practices


Location: Linnégatan 87
Time: 09.00 – 17.30
- Mingle at Linnégatan 87


Star Chart is a collective of six researchers who will present their individual research on the spatial and bodily exercise of conceptual mapping (ref. cultural mapping), suggesting physical thinking as one of the key modes in their artistic research practices. The 6 artist-researchers will give a short talk (10 min each) sharing their specific activities and interests, which include the questions: what kinds of peripheries exist; how do they position themselves; what relationships emerge between peripheries and centers?
Presented by: Liisa Ikonen, Maiju Loukola, Harri Laakso, Mari Mäkiranta, Eija Timonen, Jonna Tolonen. 

Gendered theories of not-complaining: compliance, coping and caring is a research performance/presentation that highlights the often ‘leaky’ ways un-aired complaints find their way out of the body. Privileging unarticulated forms of communication and a reading of the body as a performative lexicon, the paper will highlight what forms and methods are necessary to deeper investigate the gendered theories of not complaining.
Presented by: Jenny Richard & Sarah Browne


Social circus and intercultural society, potentials and challenges of the circus arts for social change, will be a workshop which will explore key specificities of circus practice – embodied knowledge, trust and creativity – which hold a significant potential to foster ‘cultural encounters’ and ‘intercultural communication’. A short presentation will outline theoretical insights as well as practical tools, and the workshop will foster conversation about methods.
Presented by: Ilaria Bessone


A Half Halt and a Side Step is a blending of presentation formats from visual art (the exhibition), theatre (the script), the riding arena (its patterns, lines and letters), and different forms of ritualized practices. This merging of forms and formats serves as an experimental playground and as a methodical pursuit.
Presented by: Marie Fahlin

Ties and Bonds: Practicing dialogue between dance and extended vocal art, explores interdisciplinary artistic research within dance and vocal practices. It will include individual performances/sharing of the artist’s respective research and a duet improvisation, in which they allow their ideas to merge, interact and inspire each other.
Presented by: Alex Nowitz and Susanne Martin

At the end of day one there will be two separate but simultaneous panels, one with the participants and presenters of the Site, Event, Encounter strand and the other of the Bodily and Vocal Practices strand. The panel will be an open conversation with those who participated in the days events.

Day One and Day Two: Individual Profile area panel discussions 
Day Three: Open Space Technology and final conference conversation.
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