Location: Valhallavägen 189
Time: 09.00 – 18.15 
- Dinner at Linnégatan 87


Pompom is a project that examines the relations between movement, place, and space in the frameworks of hypermobile Tokyo. The starting points for the process were the questions: How, as a temporary guest, to embody contemporary Tokyo through the lenses of movement? How does Tokyo and its moving spaces, mobility systems and transforming materiality shapeshift the choreographer’s body? How does these movements produce Tokyo?
Presented by: Simo Kellokumpu

The Ephemerial City is a multi-channel sound exhibit featuring two contrasting works: a fixed-media, multi-channel composition and a spatial sound installation. The two works, playing in tandem in a single space, illustrate a spectrum of methods and questions around the evocation of space through sound, the spatialization of music drawn from site-specific materials, and how music and sound can create open narratives and ephemeral cityscapes.
Presented by: Katt Hernandez

The Botkyrka Experiment takes place within/between the fields of documentary film making and participatory art practices. The project works with a multiplicity of subjectivities, and it is a container for exploring and re-invisioning the constantly negotiated roles, responsibilities, aesthetics and ethics in documentary film making practices.
Presented by: Tinna Joné, Ewa Cederstam and Katarina Eismann  


RESPONSIVE SPACE: Perception as composition, and the other way around – embodied performativity in a resonating space examines the performative aspects of two sculptural installations consisting of glass, copper, strings and electronics. Titled Interference and Resonance they involve temporal kinetic sounds, recorded sounds, and performed movement and sound and are both exhibitions and choreographed performance.
Presented by: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen


The Visual Silence is a research project into non-voyeuristic film aesthetics, which rather than satisfy the viewers’ desires offers resistance and encourages the viewer to create their own internal images. Non-voyeuristic refers to an audio-visual narrative which moves away from the visually-sated film with a flow of moving images and towards a visual silence, where sound is superior to image, and the story lies in what is not visible. 
Presented by: Mia Engberg


Imaginaries and technoecologies of urban air is a research project on ways to re-imagine urban air as a naturalcultural phenomena. The research builds upon feminist new materialist theories that attend to the agential capacities of matter, as well as conceptualizations of decolonizing ecology.
Presented by: Hanna Husberg and Agata Marzecova


The project Hidden Circus addresses the immateriality of circus through the use of technological extensions and through the material challenges inherent to the circus bodies and objects. By using real-time sonic interaction, circus artists, choreographer and sound designer will investigate multimodal relationships between sound and motion and the potential they hold in the practice of circus.The workshop is an occasion to experience states of an exploratory process and to discuss strategies in circus composition.
Presented by: Marie-Andree Robitaille, Hara Alonso with the collaboration of several circus artists.


The Actress deals with the embodied politics/poetics of the stage, arising from and performed through artistic practice of the performer in multiple contexts of theatre and live art. The research was triggered by an interest in and crisis with the power relations that are embedded in the apparatus of theatre.
Presented by: Outi Condit

At the end of day one there will be two separate but simultaneous panels, one with the participants and presenters of the Art, Technology, Materiality strand and the other of the Bodily and Concept and Composition. The panel will be an open conversation with those who participated in the days events.

Day One and Day Two: Individual Profile area panel discussions 
Day Three: Open Space Technology and final conference conversation.
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