Doctoral research project

Entering the Frame - Editing Movement in relation to Agency of the Editor

Researcher: Kersti Grunditz Brennan

Kersti Grunditz Brennan’s artistic research project is based on her experience as film maker, editor, choreographer, and dancer. It will explore an aesthetic of fragmentation and reassembly that revolves around movement, body and embodied experiences in a film context.
 Kersti Grunditz Brennan is a doctoral candidate in performative and mediated practices – with specialisations in film and media.

Goal & purpose

Cinematic storytelling has the potential to greatly affect audiences emotionally, often by its seductively deceptive resemblance to the real world. The artwork produced as part of the research will explore a cinematic aesthetic that uses fragmentation of image sequences combined with reassembly motivated by kinesthetic empathy. The goal of this exploration is to heighten the awareness of the framing of realities captured in the shot - both documentary and fictional. The work will experiment with the depiction of people on screen so that they can be experienced with by the audience, rather than looked at and categorized. It will address the issues of the authoritarian gaze and lack of diverse perspectives in cinema by virtue of aesthetic choices, rather than by its subject matter, the actors or who the author of the film is. 

Research question/s

  • How does a film allow its viewers to physically share the experience of a person captured on camera and how does this affect the cinematic storytelling? 
  • How, when and for what purpose can the filmmaker use cinematic communication that bypasses the intellectual understanding and goes straight from a body on film via kinesthetic empathy to the body of the viewer?
  • How can the cinematic experience invite the audience into conscious interaction rather than impose emotional triggers or force a kinesthetic response? 
  • In shaping the physical experience of body, volume, scale, rhythm, sound, movement initiation etc. through editing, how is the editor’s own body used as an instrument to enhance this communication? 

This is how the project will be carried out

The project will be carried out through the artistic practice and process of filming and editing content that emphasizes movement and embodied experiences.